Domestic Actors and Globalization Backsliding

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Economic globalization seemed at first glance to be able to fulfill Enlightment's core ideals, granting autonomy to individuals. Key to fulfilling such a promise was the tools provided by the digital economy and the promises of prosperity due to increasing migration flows in a supposedly borderless world. Nevertheless, the rise of large e-commerce corporations suggests that, instead of promoting more equality in the marketplace, the combination of economic liberalization with information technology opened the door for new forms of commodifying labor. So has been the case of the growing backlash against migrants, notwithstanding their contribution to national economices. In such a context, workers tend to fall pray to the logic of supply and demand and, hence, unstable incomes. The panel addresses those new forms of labor commodification while exploring political-legal solutions for mitigating the plight of workers in a post-fordist, digital, and increasing xenophobic national labor markets.