How many Paper proposals can I submit/present?

You may propose up to two papers however, you may only participate once as a papergiver (author) in the final program. Should more than one of your proposals be accepted, only one (1) will be accepted in the final program and any others rejected.  You will have the possibility to choose the proposal you wish to keep.

Paper presenters could appear twice if the paper is co-written, once as a main author and once as a co-author, or if one of the two exceptions apply.


  1. Exceptions may be made for women in relation to gender balance on a panel by the Program Chairs.
  2. Delegates presenting a paper in the regional LOC sessions (AUS or OCIS) may present a second paper in the GS or RC sessions.

Duties of papergivers (authors) are described in the Guidelines for Participation in IPSA World Congresses.