SS Special Sessions

Session Code
Session Chairs
Prof. Terrell Carver
Prof. Fusun Turkmen

Movie Screenings

Four (4) Movie Screening Sessions, called "Docos for Politicos: The Illegal We do Immediately, the Unconstitutional Takes a Little Longer. The Films of Johan Grimonprez" will be presented daily between 11:00 and 12:45 from 22 to 25 July 2018.

Session 1 (July 22):

  • Besmette Stad, (1994/2007, 18min)
  • dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y (1997, 68min)

Session 2 (July 23):

  • Lost Nation, (1999, 19min)
  • Double Take, (2009, 80min)

Session 3 (July 24)

  • What I Will, (2013, 1min)
  • Shadow World, (2016, 94 min)

Session 4 (July 25):

  • Every Day Words Disappear - Michael Hardt on the Politics of Love, (2016, 15min)
  • Zombie Ontology featuring James Der Derian (2016, 1min30)
  • Kiss-o-Drome (2016, 1min16)
  • Blue Orchids (2017, 48min)


Café Events

This will include innovative events such as a Research Methods Café and a Professional Development Café. The educational cafés will take place during the lunch break 12:45 - 13:45 on 24 and 25 July 2018.

The café is not a panel or roundtable session where presenters prepare formal presentations on their topics and speak in sequence. Instead, it is an informal setting—“a café” with multiple tables and places to sit—that allows for one-on-one and group discussions, networking and support. Here, cafe "visitors" will find several round tables set up in the café meeting room; each table has a placard which displays the topic being discussed at that table (e.g., “Interviewing”) and one or two specialists or mentors in that topic sitting at that table. The café will also include tables with book publishers, journal editors, and similar participants such as MOOCS/Summer Schools etc. Topics and the names of the specialists/mentors/participants are listed in the conference program, and one or more hosts positioned at the room’s entrance will help people figure out who is sitting where and further explain the process.

“Visitors” to the café are invited to arrive at any point in the time block allotted, visit any table they like, and stay as long as they like. A visitor might approach a table, sit down, and ask the specialist to talk about how s/he uses the topic on offer at that table. If a conversation is already under way, others can join in or just sit and listen. One need not worry about having questions that are “too elementary”—it is fine to ask anything about that topic, at any level!-- and visitors may leave the table or room at any time. Altogether, we encourage visitors to circulate among as many tables as they wish, and we ask only they sign in at each table they visit—our way of evaluating the demand for each topic.

Visitors at past cafés have ranged from doctoral students to full professors. The range of questions is equally broad.