GS09 Political Participation

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Session Chairs
Dr. Ariadne Vromen
Dr. Anika Gauja

This session seeks papers and panels on political participation and political organisations, broadly defined. In an era of both increasing disaffection with traditional political parties and the emergence of new groups and political movements, it becomes more imperative than ever that we understand, conceptually and empirically, what drives processes of individual participation, mobilisation, and organisation. Added to this context is the widespread use of digital technologies, by a range of political actors that either complement or replace traditional modes of participation. We are particularly interested in panels and papers that take a comparative approach to understanding the contemporary context and practice of participation and political organisations. It is only via comparison among and between advanced democracies and emerging democracies that we can understand if we are witnessing dramatic changes in the way citizen-based politics occurs, and a significant decoupling between state and society actors.