GS07 Minorities: Race, Religion, Sexuality

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Prof. Dianne Pinderhughes

The theme of the Brisbane Congress ‘Borders and Margins’ is especially compatible with the area of Minorities: Race, Religion, Sexuality. Contemporary developments throughout the world, from recent elections: the 2016 Trump election, Brexit, and other Exit possibilities, the Arab Spring and religious extremism whether in Christian or Islamic movements have placed challenging demands on national and international agendas. As international economic and political developments have encouraged migration to growing economies and escape from internal conflicts, across national borders in the last decades, newly complex populations have also generated increased reactions across many dimensions. Minorities can be characterized categorically and theoretically along lines of racial, religious and gender/sexuality, but they also have complex implications in an array of intersections. Some of these developments are mutually compatible and move in similar directions; others not so much. Margins and marginalization within and without nation states, can be explored in a variety of ways. These interactions of the Congress theme with this session’s theme of Minorities can be explored across the many components and conceptual approaches within political science reflected in IPSA’s research committees. Whether examination of geographic areas, military developments, public opinion, electoral politics, political institutions such as legislatures, judicial systems, political philosophy or theory, there are many ways in which such exploration can occur. Empirical, methodological and theoretical approaches should be addressed in proposals for panels and/or for individual papers.