GS03 International Relations

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Session Chairs
Prof. Theo Farrell

This session will host panels that explore major trends and developments in world politics, and reflect on the implications for scholarship and policy. This may include panels on the resurgence of Russia and continued rise of China that explore the implications for regional actors and the global balance of power; panels on the rise of nationalism in western states and on Islamic fundamentalism in Middle Eastern and Asian states, and the nature and impact of identity politics; and panels on the Trump administration, Brexit and the European Union, and the future of the neoliberal world order. The session will aim to ensure that all approaches to the discipline – including critical, feminist, and post-structuralist – are represented in the panels. Panels that address the Congress theme of ‘Borders and Margins’ might explore the political, economic, security and ethical dimensions of migration, and especially mass flight from conflict. ‘Margins’ might also be explored from conceptual, spatial, governance, and security perspectives. Panels that combine different conceptual, theoretical, and disciplinary approaches to considering a particular theme or issue will be especially encouraged.