GS02 Comparative Politics

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Session Chairs
Prof. Yuko Kasuya
Prof. Yusaku Horiuchi

We invite proposals that investigate topics in the field of comparative politics, especially those related to the main theme of the 2018 Congress, Borders and Margins. Traditionally and predominantly, comparative politics has been the study of political phenomena that occur within national borders. With the acceleration of globalization and the increasingly multi-layered nature of governance, however, studies that focus on cross-border issues are particularly pertinent to the needs of our time. For example, the increased incidence of terrorist attacks around the globe, the growing number of refugees and migrants, and the roles of trans-national activities of civil societies have spurred comparativists to pay greater attention to the margins of state control and areas beyond government control. This session welcomes proposals with a diverse range of methodological approaches and area coverage. Proposals can adopt inductive or deductive methods of theory formulation, qualitative or quantitative methods of empirical analyses, or any combination of those. Geographically, there will be no “borders” between proposals that study developing and developed countries or between the major world regions. We intend to create panels that assemble proposals with similar themes but methodological and regional diversity.