AUS05 Gender and Sexuality

Session Code
Session Chairs
Dr. Sara Davies
Ms. Sophie Yates

This Session is open to all scholars working within the political science discipline on gender and sexuality. The Session welcomes panel proposals and individual papers that explore policy, governance, public administration, legislation, and regulation from a gender and sexuality perspective; political campaigns and mobilization on gender and sexuality; and the intersection of gender and sexuality with human rights, health, class, employment, race, the justice sector, and migration. We welcome panel and paper submissions from the wide rubric of gender and sexuality studies that may not have been already mentioned. We are interested in receiving panels and papers detailing conventional research findings and research projects. In addition, panels that explore the intersection of research, teaching, and academe from a gendered perspective are welcome. Suggested, but not exhaustive, topics include: teaching gender and sexuality; pedagogical assumptions and advancements in teaching gender and sexuality; individual experiences and accounts on gender and sexuality within the university; research experiences in fieldwork; contrasting experiences in workplace environments; and awareness and inclusion of gender and sexuality in methods.