Accommodation, Transformation, Inertia. A Model of Transfer of Rules and Norms from the PRC to the HKSAR and the Adjustment of Hong Kong Society

Dr. Lukasz Zamecki

The aim of the paper is an attempt to conceptualize the process of “political sinicization” of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. “Political sinicization” is understood as a process of diffusion and (in same cases) institutionalisation of rules (formal and informal), procedures, policy paradigms, ‘ways of doing things’ and norms which comes from the People’s Republic of China and are tried to be incorporated in Hong Kong. The conceptualization of “political sinicization” is based on the assumptions recognized in the field of European studies and their definitions of “Europeanisation”. Author will trace the model of diffusion of “rules, norms, ‘ways of doing things’” since Handover till 2017. Paper underline differences of the ”top-down” transfer of political values and/or policy standards and ”bottom-up” adjustment. All mediating in the process institutions (such as “one country, two systems” principle, political culture of HK society) are mentioned. As a process of different reactions to the PRC activity in Hong Kong and different routes of this reactions (e.g. accommodation, transformation, inertia), important part of the paper is a sketch of “asymmetric shock” of Hong Kong society, therefore three forms of “Sinoscepticism” are mentioned (and groups representing these three forms).