Welfare State and Developing Society: From Generosity to Austerity

Dr. Asha Gupta
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The Great Recession triggered by the financial crisis during 2007-08 worldwide has made the future of welfare state, as we know, uncertain. The days of generosity seem to have gone in view of the stringent austerity measures adopted even by advanced economics. Papers dealing with the effect of fiscal crisis on welfare systems, challenges before welfare states, need for social insurance, promotion of individual responsibility, combating with new problems, such as, rising inequalities, impact on labour market, recent welfare reforms, politics of welfare states, economic determinants, social insecurities, incremental and transformative changes are welcome. It is yet to be seen whether we can move towards some collective part towards social security or can this crisis be used by some smart politicians towards permanently restructuring the welfare state. We would welcome proposals on the impact of margins created in the wake of globalization in the sense of empirical borders and conceptual ones in the form of socio-cultural, economic, religious, ethnic, linguistic and/or gender-based distinctions paving the way for identity politics and political management.