Understanding Indian Politics from the Margins

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India is a proud pluralist democracy. Its citizens love their culture and admire their civilization. Its diversity has a huge impact on country’s domestic and foreign policy goals. This very pluralistic nature of Indian society however, has made Indian politics complex. The reason for complexity is hierarchical order in which Indian society is formed. It is this very hierarchy which puts some people on the margins and others on the dominant positions.
This panel proposal is an attempt to understand Indian politics from the perspectives of those who have had a little voice in decision making. These people are Tribal’s, Dalits, disabled, women and minorities. The study becomes important because India can’t fulfill its dreams until it keeps every one on board in its developmental agenda.
India’s present Prime Minister’s slogan of “sabka sath sabka vikas” “participation of all for development of all” therefore, is the most required principal demand of the day. Will India be able to achieve this needs grater analyses.