Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Studying Migration, Borders and Margins: Institutions, Power, and Practice

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This panel addresses the application of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of various forms of migration, both regulated and unregulated, in an increasingly interconnected and globalised international political economy. Intersecting with the key theme of the IPSA Congress – ‘Borders and Margins’ – the papers collected here all explore how various theoretical tools, and inter-disciplinary engagement, can contribute to the study of how institutions, power and practice are key to understanding new political responses to migration flows. Papers in this panel demonstrate ways that global, regional and local actors and agents can be captured in empirical research in the field, and how such information may be connected to global and state- level governance and policy- making. The papers collectively aim to generate debate about how innovative methodologies to understand the complexity of global human flows, - and their political impacts, - are central for future research.