Rethinking Statecraft: Perspectives from Emerging Market Democracies

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The core objective of the panel is to examine how “ democratic statecraft” is understood as an idea and a practice in large emerging market democracies (EMDs). The idea that contemporary responses to globalization are framed by the shifting patterns of interaction between the domestic and the international realms underlie most narratives of emergence. Yet, the conceptual and empirical challenges derived from the response of large emerging market democracies to international pressures, while restructuring the relationship between State and market and building democratic institutions remain an under-theorized topic. Processes of statecraft- both in its classical conception, as the art of conducting state affairs, and as the more specific use of economic instruments to gain influence in foreign affairs will be analysed with emphasis on the following questions:
a) how has the balance of state and market shifted in different conjunctures and with what kind of implications for understandings of “democratic statecraft”?
b) is the centrality of coalitional analysis, defined in terms of the ideal-typical “inward-nationalist” vs. “outward-internationalist coalitions (according to Solingen's and Gourevitch’s framework) applicable also to the analysis of competing models of economic management?
c) To what extent variations in democratic statecraft are better explained by a process-based making and remaking of hybrid coalitons?
d) which dimensions of “democratic statecraft” are generalizable– and which ones are conducive to reversal and ultimately to backsliding?