The Psychology of Civic Engagement and Attitudes

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The proposed panel aims to bring together scholars that examine civic engagement of citizens from different angles of political psychology. The study of the psychology of political participation has especially been boosted recently. Ever since the influential works of Mondak (2010) and Gerber and colleagues (2011) on personality and politics, scholars try to understand whether personality traits are linked to various types of political behavior and attitudes, how these relationships come about and whether they are conditional on contextual or situational factors. In addition, survey and experimental research on the role of emotions for political behavior and attitudes is growing and may provide promising insights in the way citizens make up their mind about politics (Albertson and Gadarian 2015). The panel aims to advance research in this direction. We invite papers that examine, for instance, the role of personality, emotions and values for civic engagement of citizens. Especially, we would like to include papers that broaden the scope of existing research by analyzing insufficiently studied aspects of psychology and civic engagement or by using innovative research approaches to this topic.