The Politics of Desire and Violence: Critical and Feminist Perspectives

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This is the fifth meeting of the Critical Feminist and Critical Theory Recurring Panel, that has been held at each OCIS since 2006.
Global political engagements are structured by patterns of attachment and connection which cross borders and localities. There is a tendency to explain political practices outside of the Global North as originating either in irrational barbarity or through reductive rational choice frameworks. Framing actions of political collectives in this way means that the complex interplay between modes of desire and patterns of political practice, including violent ones, risk being reduced to a perceived monstrous affective quality or cold calculation. This panel explores how globalised attachments to different ideologies, practices, commodities and forms of violence structure political collectives outside of this limiting distinction.
Building on scholarship from political theory, international political economy, feminist security studies, and post-colonialism these papers explore the ways in which desire and violence exist across differing scales and locations to produce politics on the global stage. To do this, we look at the global attachments which structure particular kinds of political practice in Java, Colombia, Syria, Pakistan and Kurdistan. By bringing forward a shared interest in feminist and critical perspectives we ask how does desire and violence shape the political and vice versa.