The Political Parties at The Crossroads: Borders and Margins. The Challenges Facing Political Parties in Context of Quality of Democracy in The Modern World

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Political parties are the main subjects of modern representative democracies, but also of non-democratic states. Although, some sceptics are announcing the end of the era of political parties, the model is thriving, while the parties are transforming and developing. In the modern countries, the state of political parties reflects the quality of democracy and the political system. However for a number of years and across the world challenges facing political parties have a lot in common, namely they need to address, inter alia, a declining number of party members, a declining level of party involvement, the evolution and blurring of social divisions, changes in financing of political parties changing forms of media exposure and interests of voters, globalization, policy personalization. In response to these changes and circumstances, political groupings have undergone numerous changes in terms of: membership, organizational structure and functioning, intra-party democracy, policy-making process, communication with voters and others.
This panel invites all papers addressing these and/or further challenges of political parties. Papers can be related to the countries case studies, intra-party democracy, models of political parties, problems with institutionalization of political parties, political groupings present on the parliamentary stage, opposition political parties. We also welcome theoretical as well as empirical papers concerning the topic.