Ocean Governance: Collaboration and Its Challenges

Dr. Joanna Vince
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Over the last three decades, studies into ocean governance have not only revealed insights into ocean and coastal management but broader lessons about governance; policy development, design and implementation; stakeholder influence; and the role of non-state actors in decision making. Ocean governance, law and policies are dispersed globally, regionally, nationally and locally. Each level has different problems and solutions, yet they are interconnected. Ocean governance has jurisdictional and sectoral implications that include wide ranging communities to entrepreneurial, non-state market driven actors. The focus on the ‘blue economy’ is a significant factor in the management of ocean, marine and coastal resources as well as environmental and sustainable approaches. This panel examines the many facets of ocean governance and policy making. Its aim is to examine the broader or specific topics within ocean governance and the lessons they provide for the discipline of public policy and governance studies. These topics can include, but are not limited to: fisheries and aquaculture, marine debris, shipping, coastal zone management, ocean policies, ecosystem based management, sectoral and/or jurisdictional integration, marine protected areas, Law of the Sea and other international instruments. We welcome papers that address interesting case studies on managing ocean and coastal resources and that answer broader questions about governance, law and the policy making process.