Movie Session 4: Docos for Politicos: ‘The Illegal We do Immediately, the Unconstitutional Takes a Little Longer’

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Screening 1: Every Day Words Disappear - Michael Hardt on the Politics of Love (2016)

Directed by: Johan Grimonprez

In 1515 Machiavelli stated that it would be better for the Prince to be feared, than loved. Some 500 years later, Michael Hardt, political philosopher and co-author of Empire, Multitude and Commonwealth, asks what it would mean to base a political system on love, rather than on fear.How can we transform a society that is increasingly defined by a permanent state of war and cultivated by an industry of fear? How can we realize the paradigm shift necessary to move away from a reality that depends on the exploitation of people and the cult of privatising public resources? Hardt looks for an answer in what he calls 'the commons’, by which he refers not only to natural resources, but also to the languages we create- and the relationships we conceive together.  

Duration: 15 min

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*Michael Hardt, political philosopher

Screening 2: Zombie Ontolog (2016)

Directed by: Johan Grimonprez

Duration: 1min30



Screening 3: Kiss-o-Drome (2016)

Written & Narrated by: Eduardo Galeano

Duration: 1min

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Screening 4: Blue Orchids (2017)

Directed by:  Johan Grimonprez


In Blue Orchids, Grimonprez creates a double portrait of two experts situated on opposite ends of the same issue––the global arms trade. The stories of Chris Hedges, the former war correspondent of The New York Times, and Riccardo Privitera, a former arms & equipment dealer of Talisman Europe Ltd (now dissolved), provide an unusual and disturbing context for shocking revelations about the industry of war. While interviewing Privitera and Hedges for Grimonprez’s recently released feature Shadow World (2016), it became clear that the two men were describing the same anguish and the same trauma, but from paradoxical perspectives. One has dedicated his life to unmasking lies and the other has built his life on lies. Both their personal and political histories gradually reveal the depths of suffering and duplicity, situating the arms trade as a symptom of a profound illness: greed.

Duration: 1min

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