Minority Politics of Human Rights

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The world has moved towards modernity and globalisation and is, today, considered as a global village. Despite the modernity, rights and various provisions enshrined in the Constitutions of the respective countries and International provisions, the marginalised sections i.e lower castes in India, Blacks, women, tribals and religious minorities. These groups face discrimination in terms of social, economic, political, religion, racial and gendern. Still today they continue to face social discrimination, humiliation and violence based on the caste, class, gender, religion, region and ethnicity. The response of the state towards the heinous humiliation can be termed as lackadaisical. This disturbing trend has led to a spurt in people’s movements across the world. All these sections tend to oppose all forms of discrimination by participating in people's movements. It is to note that participation, perhaps, several forms. Based on ideological, issue, individual, collective and geographical location and resources. Resistance also take place through writings and creative narratives from below. To examine these forms and the response of the state and society, the proposed panel is an attempt to explore, evaluate, analyse the notion of participation and peoples movements in the post modern society , state or nation and their their relevance in the modern world