Migration and Internal Security: Nigeria and South Africa in 2018

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The panel covers two concerns, migration and internal security in Nigeria and South Africa (as a result of the merger of two panels). The order of the papers will reflect that, starting with four papers related to debates over the stability of the Nigerian state, before turning to issues related to migration to South Africa, which is influenced by instability in Nigeria as well as the Central Lakes area.
The first four presentations by Dr David Alao and Mr Davidson Akhimien, Dr. Abdul-wasi,Babatunde Moshood, Dr. Isaac Terungwa Terwase and Dr. Gloria Samdi Puldu, and lastly, Dr. Abiodun Fatai focus on the stability of the Nigerian state in light of internal disputes and terrorist activities. Mr. Sunday Oyebamiji will lead to transiion from Nigeria to South Africa and migration issues, followed by Ms. Odette Murara's paper on the migrant experience in South Africa