Governing Novel Technologies

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Novel technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, drones, autonomous weapon systems, blockchain technology, automation, Internet of Things, etc. are increasingly adopted around the world to increase efficiency and effectiveness in socio-technical systems. While promising improvements these technologies can become sources of new sets of problems due to their unintended consequences and risks. Governing these technologies satisfactorily and addressing their risks and unintended consequences is a major concern for governments around the world.

This panel will present papers discussing the various aspects of governing technologies including (but not limited to) examination of:
* different types of risks and unintended consequences that these technologies might bring to different domains and approaches that can be used for their identification;
* analysis of various types of governance responses to address the risks introduced by these technologies;
* examination of the relations between new technologies with incumbent industries in various domains and identification of current best practices in governing disruptive technologies;
* issues related to policy capacity in the public sector to address the challenges these technologies bring and how to address potential deficits;

We welcome theoretical and empirical papers using various qualitative and quantitative approaches, from disciplines that provide insights about the implications of novel technologies and appropriate strategies for governing them. Relevant case-studies, cross-national and -sectoral studies from various domains are of particular interest.