Globalization and Sustainable Development: Quest for a New Paradigm

Dr. Sheila Rai
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The globalization model remained unchallenged for about three decades. Unfortunately, the intellectual climate of globalization almost eroded our collective sense of exploring alternative models and possibilities. This urge for reassessment and the onus of rethinking development can be witnessed in the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Emphasis on ‘development which is sustainable’ i.e., that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own is the critical necessity in today’s world. The morbid consequences of exploiting the Earth’s natural capital wastefully with its concomitants of climate change and distorted and exclusive growth patterns are reasons enough for the world order to bear the onus of rethinking development. It is crucial that the long list of technologies and technical systems be re-examined from a holistic perspective. Those found incompatible with 'sustainability' and diversity on the planet need to be modified if not wholly abandoned. The need to replace the present ‘dis-order’ by an aesthetic order at this juncture of our development journey is crucial. A social order marked by interdependent, environment friendly lifestyle, based on wisdom of restraint and above all a people-oriented decentralized socio-economic political system, as an alternative model, needs to be explored and interpreted in terms of contemporary relevance for sanity and sustainability to prevail. It is imperative that we explore and renew our relationship with timeless values and principles which hold the key to future survival. This panel seeks papers which would address and discuss the development paths hitherto adopted and those to be pursued for sustainable development.