Democratic Participation and Inclusion in the Digital Era

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Increasingly, digital technologies have created an unprecedented expansion of participation and inclusion in democracy and democratic governance. Digital connections are made and opinion exchanged -and possible to share views, as well as coordinating political discourse and action using digital tools. Growing digital technologies also facilitates registration of potential voters for inclusivity in political processes and even monitoring and sharing electoral incidents. So how digital technologies enhance or hinder participation and inclusion? To what extent technology is fostering inclusiveness and participation in democracy and democratic governance? How digital technology is a tool of sharing opinion and idea? Given the fact that widespread use and access to digital information and communication technologies created spaces for participation – digitalization has impact on government, institutions, and citizens etc. – and now we have been witnessing increasingly new trends in institutionalizing technology as a new form of participation, inclusion, interaction and information sharing in real-time. This panel provides a forum to share some fascinating insights and open discussion on timely topic concerning the use of digital technologies by government, institutions, citizens and civil societies, as well as forms of governing digital infrastructure.