The Constitutional Role of Directed Elected President in the Newly Democracies

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The transition to democracy in many newly democracies, a directed elected president is usually a symbol of successful transformation. The executive-legislative relations in these countries are of course effected by the directed elected president. The constitutional order under a directed elected president are deemed as the presidential system or the semi-presidentialism. However, some of these newly democracies are originally expected that the new constitutional order are organized as the parliamentary system. They are especially in many semi-presidential regimes. Therefore, the role of the directed elected president in these newly democracies are easy to cause controversy. The directed elected president are also usually be an indeterminate factor and arouses the constitutional controversy. This panel focus on the constitutional role of directed elected president in newly democracies. We would like to compare the different experience of these countries. The constitutional power, party politics, or even the elections in these countries will be focus of attention.