Brexit and the Future of EU Citizenship

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It has been twenty-five years since the concept of EU citizenship was formalised by the Treaty of Maastricht, but for the first time, Brexit threatens to deprive a nation of people of their EU citizenship, and prevent citizens of other EU member states from exercising their treaty rights in the UK. Brexit raises first of all a number of legal and normative questions with regard to the status of EU citizenship: can rights be withdrawn, and if so, what does it tell us about EU citizenship? What are the implications for the UK and the remaining EU-27? Secondly, Brexit impacts on the social and political dimension of EU citizenship, not only in the sense that it deprives citizens of concrete rights and life chances, but also that citizenship is increasingly contested. How do people affected by Brexit experience the changing parameters of EU citizenship and how are these experiences translated into protests and political monilisation? Finally, what new models of EU citizenship are debated and how are these models promoted in ongoing Brexit negotiations? The panel will consider both the legal and normative implications of Brexit for EU citizenship as well as present new empirical research from a variety of perspectives, such as media and communication, sociology and political science.