Asia and the Democracy – Economic Development - Conflict Nexus

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On the overall, Asia represents an area that is gaining more and more importance both from a policy and an academic perspective, the current developments in the spheres of democracy building, security and defense, diplomatic endeavors, and economy standing as evidence. This panel will comprise of contributions that address specific case studies revolving around the nexus democracy-conflict (Burma), China’s One belt, One road policy, the political economy of imported care and insights on the policy making sphere in India.
One contribution will tackle the case of Burma and its experience on one side with the process of establishing and building a democratic process and on the other side with the issues of internal conflict. Furthermore, the dynamics of the relationship between democracy and conflict will be explored in the attempt to find out how it affects the overall development of the country.
Another contribution will assess the impact of China’s One belt One road on the Central Asian countries and argue that it will have negative impacts on the local culture, economy and environment and altogether will be a threat to the sovereignty of the regional actors. The benefits of migrant workers in care services on the economy of Hong Kong will be highlighted in another contribution that will also determine economic and social benefits of workers and care dependency estimates across East Asia states.