Content Analysis Presentations at the Tech Zone

Provalis Research.jpg

Provalis Research, a world-leading developer of text analysis software, will demonstrate “Automated Content Analysis in Political Science” presentations at the Tech Zone, located next to the exhibition area. The 45-minute presentations are scheduled every day (July 22nd to 25th) at 11 a.m. at the 2018 IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Brisbane.

“Political analysis involves researching news articles, magazines, reports, speeches, press releases, social media and much more. The volume of available text has exploded in the digital age. This explosion is partly due to the rapid move to store and distribute documents in electronic text databases. However, it is extremely time consuming, expensive and in many cases impossible to read each and every document related to ones research. Automated content analysis makes it possible to systematically import and analyze very large volumes of text documents without spending vast sums on hiring coders. This presentation will showcase the different content analysis approaches such as computer assisted qualitative coding; text mining; content analysis dictionaries or taxonomies and supervised machine learning. We will discuss when one technique may be more appropriate than another and how they can work together to analyze text data.”

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