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Announcement of 2018 IPSA Awards Winners

IPSA is pleased to announce the recipients of the following IPSA Awards, granted on the recommendation of the IPSA Committee on Organization, Procedures and Awards (COPA):

Foundation Mattei Dogan Award winner: James Scott

James Scott.jpg

Prof. James Scott received the Award for his contribution to the advancement of political science. Prof. Scott will deliver an award lecture at the 2018 IPSA World Congress on Sunday, 22 July at 15:30. Prof. Scott is the Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University and Professor of Anthropology and is co-Director of the Agrarian Studies Program.
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Juan Linz Prize winner: Adam Przeworski

Adam Przeworski.jpgThe purpose of the Juan Linz Prize is to honour a prominent scholar engaged in the Decentralization, Multinational and Multiethnic Integration and Federalism Comparative Research of which Juan Linz was a master. Prof. Przeworski is the Carroll and Milton Professor of Politics and (by courtesy) Economics at New York University. Adam Przeworski's biography


2018 Karl Deutsch Award winner: Robert Putnam

Photo small_Robert Putnam.jpgThe purpose of the Karl Deutsch Award is to honour a prominent scholar engaged in the cross-disciplinary research of which Karl Deutsch was a master.
Robert D. Putnam is the Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University. 
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